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Brain Boost Camp

Reduce the "summer slide" & keep skills sharp with
Brain Boost Camp 2024


Discover the potential

Brain Potential Institute of Texas is a unique cognitive training and resource program, offering a particular emphasis on training that targets auditory processing deficits.


Through customized, one-on-one brain training sessions, clients and students work to rewire the neural pathways in the brain, a process called neuroplasticity. This process is the key to unlocking one's potential despite adverse challenges from traumatic brain injuries, cognitive processing disorders, and learning disabilities.

The BPI Process

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Free Assessment

The initial evaluation is administered free of charge by BPI's certified assessment coordinator, using a standardized assessment of six neurological tests that observe your current cognitive skills. 


Customized Program

Based on your assessment, a program is developed especially for you. Your program will focus on key target areas and take into account any goals you want to meet.


One-On-One Training

You will work with each of our trainers on a consistent basis, likely 2-3 times per week. We work to schedule sessions at the most convenient time for you to accommodate work or school. 

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