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Brain Potential Institute of Texas

For over a decade, Brain Potential Institute of Texas (BPI for short), has been a welcome resource for those looking for supplemental or alternative support to treatment for auditory processing disorders, cognitive deficits, and learning disabilities. 

Our proprietary VOLT (Virtual Online Training) Program focuses on strengthening an individual's auditory processing, which is often the root hindrance in other cognitive deficits.

Our Story

In 2013, BPI's founding partners, Alisa Raney and Cathy Linney, developed a unique model for cognitive training and tutoring that has resulted in over 3000 clients and students discovering their potential through brain training. Some students were simply struggling in school, some were high functioning, neurodivergent individuals living with cognitive challenges or who needed an alternative to medication, and still others were evaluated as low functioning (IQ scores lower than 80 points) individuals who had been relegated to Special Education classes. Many of these students graduated the BPI program at grade level or even at an accelerated level, their brains rewired to function and thrive through the everyday demands of school and life. 

Initially serving students in the greater Houston area, it was not long before Alisa and Cathy discovered that brain training was not only beneficial to children, but to adults as well. With this new information, the mission of BPI expanded its reach to serve clients beyond Houston, and in 10 years has helped clients in 23 different states and 8 countries around the world.


In 2023, with a desire to focus more on the needs of their respective children and grandchildren, Alisa and Cathy passed the torch to long time employee turned managing partner, Jana Ray Gaston, along with her daughter, Lauren Gaston. Jana's robust experience in brain training and background in education combined with Lauren's diverse skillset and business degree result in great hands to carry on BPI's impact and legacy. Motivated by the belief that every individual deserves a chance to reach their potential, Jana and Lauren are excited to lead BPI into a new decade as a resource and solution for cognitive challenges and disabilities. 


Let's discover the potential!


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